Ramadan, the spirit of sharing and caring!

It is that time of the year once again. It is the advent of a month brimmed with uncountable Ramadan blessings, the spiritual holy days that require a Muslim to observe one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting.


All you need this Ramadan!

Fasting also imbues in Muslims the spirit of giving and sharing. It acts as a spur to share as it carries an extra weight of blessings. So this good news is given to you, our valuable clients of Delilah Jewels, that in this month of blessings, you can avail of blessed Ramadan discounts



Contemporary and sophisticated, Delilah Jewels offers striking signature Arabic calligraphy designs. It takes a graphic approach to Arabic typography by interpreting traditional Arabic letterings with a clean and minimal finish.

 The label takes a minimalistic approach to jewelry, selling timeless, simple one-of-a-kind pieces like; letter necklaces, bracelets and classic watches. The combination of Arabic symbolism and contemporary style gives unique ‘Arab-feels.’

DelilahJewels match its rich oriental heritage with traditional craftsmanship to produce unique pieces of fine contemporary jewelry. The brand produces collections and bespoke pieces that can be worn by women throughout the world.



The watches, pendants and bracelets look exceptionally modern when stacked while reflecting the culture and lifestyle of Arab art of heritage. Each piece, with exquisite details, tells the story of Arab identity and diversity that unites people from all traditions. 

The values of Arab culture are unique and often mysterious to the non-arabs. The Arab world is an enriching experience that brings every nation and every culture close together, and jewellery plays a significant role in Arab heritage, rituals and traditions.

Arab jewellery has a significant meaning and symbolism. Explore the symbolism of jewelry from cultures around the world to understand Arab heritage at Delilah Jewels better. The label features Arabic scripts and abstract, modern design and Arabic motifs. 

So inject your jewelry collection with an instant dose of Middle Eastern heritage through Arabic Calligraphy.  



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